Every artist goes through a certain transitional phase. First she is introduced to the art which she gradually starts learning and then, a point comes when she has to decide whether she wants to continue to play only for herself or the entire world is her canvas.

I am sure you have realized where I am going with it. After spending a lengthy time reading, learning and experiencing things (also sometimes writing for myself), I have reached a point where I have decided to share my ideas and knowledge with the global audience. Of course, my heartfelt thanks to the platform provided by wordpress and internet in general which makes me believe “the whole world is my oyster”.

If you are wondering “that’s all good but what is this fella gonna write about” then my dear I want you to know that I would preferably stick to the topics I have explored all these years. My interests are varied and scattered across many fields  including economics, polity, literature,policy issues, international affairs, arts, etc. A graduate in engineering, I love reading, movies, music and follow multiple sports in general.

All in all, I am still going to write for myself. The only difference this time will be you can join in and continue the discourse.

Read good, act better, believe in best.