Higher education in India: Challenges and Solutions

Data collected few months ago imparts a horrifying picture of the status of higher education in India. The main concerns are the low enrollment rates, higher disparities and unequal access, lack of relevance of curriculum etc. It has to be noted that a contemporary comprehensive policy structure is missing to rejuvenate or catapult the state of higher education in India. Data show low enrollments in higher education among backward classes and financially deprived sections of society. Meanwhile there is huge influx of self-financing private colleges whose main agenda is to earn profit. The government’s role in improving the public and private aided educational institutions is crucial in this regard. Coming to the problem of less relevant course structure, government initiatives like Skill development program and entrepreneurship, collaborations with industries to impart relevant job oriented study are noteworthy. However a lot has to be done in this context.  While some people believe that global universities should be allowed to set up their institute in India independently, majority are of the view that setting up of few world-class institutes will hardly cater to the needs of rural population of our country. Collaborations between these global institutes and local institutions is important to facilitate international level education here in our institutes, and will answer many pressing problems related to our higher education system.


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